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Does Gen Z still trust?

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Episode notes

Our guest today is Martijn Lampert, co-founder and Research Director at Glocalities, a values-based international research, and marketing insights organization that became known after their 2020 study on trust in the United Nations. Their most recent Trend Study 2022 is based upon interviews of 300,000 people stretching over 20 countries and spanning 8 years since the start in 2014. Gen Z is more activist and at the same time less optimistic and disenfranchised about their future, they have diminishing trust in meeting sustainability goals, and their prospect to flourish as well as to make a political impact. Half of the world's population is aged below 30, but only 2.6% of the world's parliamentarians are under 30. The young generation is the highest educated generation ever in human history. They have higher levels of trust in education and science, they are the most connected generations ever through the internet, and at the same time are emancipating and increasingly looking for purpose and quality of life.