Twenty Twenty: A Pop Culture Podcast

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Are you ready to go back to the year 2000?

Combining storytelling and commentary, this podcast returns to some of the noughties’ biggest cultural moments, trends and figures, and explores them with the added benefit of twenty years’ hindsight.

The world of entertainment is re-examined by hosts Simran Hans and Tara Joshi, two self-proclaimed fangirls who grew up on the internet. Film critic, Simran, and music critic, Tara, explore how it feels to return to the defining songs, shows and sleepover movies of their childhoods, and what they tell us about pop culture today. Special guests will be joining the hosts each month.

Join us on a journey into the new millennium, a period of change and optimism, examining the surprising, funny and poignant parallels between then and now.

Launching 6 October 2020 – new episodes available every Tuesday.

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