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119: Don't Lean On Your Excuses- with Steve Judge

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Episode notes

As a professional speaker, author and resilience coach Steve’s mission is to deliver his story that took him from wheelchair to world champion and beyond. 

 He explains how he fixed his broken life and the learnings he gained which he now shares to empower people with the right mindset to go confidently on their journey in the direction of their dreams, their GOLD.  

 He’s passionate about everyone experiencing the happiness and fulfilment of achieving the life that they have imagined and truly deserve

 Some key points from our interview:


·        How Kuntsugi means unbroken to him, which is a Japanese word that refers to a broken vase that is mended with gold, making it better and more unique

·        How he believes that resilience is a like a wave and there are a range of emotions you need to go through to come out the other side

·        How a car accident in 2002 caused so many injuries to his legs that he was told he may never walk again

·        How his patience was tested as he wore a cage over his leg for 18 months but could also only twist the bolts through his legs by 1mm per day, which grew his leg back

·        How even walking just 10 seconds per day caused utter exhaustion, but he pushed himself to improve

·        How he stopped saying “Why me?” and instead I’d say “Try me!”

·        How years later he was looking for a new challenge and discovered paratriathlon’s and started his training 

·        How he has always focused on what he can do rather that what he can’t do

·        How he went from being told he may never walk again to becoming British and then world champion in the paratriathlon

·        How he believes if you want to become a high achiever in life then you need to start focusing on what you want to achieve


Hosted by Madeleine Black, the show will share stories of all the amazing people Madeleine has met on her own journey as an author/speaker and these stories will heal, motivate, inspire and bring hope when they share their wisdom and knowledge with her.

She really believes in the power that comes when we share our stories, that in fact we are not story tellers but story healers. Tune in to discover what helped them to stay unbroken and together we will discover that none of us are broken beyond repair.

You can find out more about Madeleine, her story and her memoir, Unbroken,  from her website: https://madeleineblack.co.uk/

You can listen to the full extended series of incredible stories on https://www.buzzsprout.com/1386718




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