Unstoppable Success with Niyc Pidgeon / 005 How I Turned a Loan of £8,500 Into $2,000,000

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Episode notes

In this episode, I will tell you the story of how I turned a loan of £8,500 into $2,000,000 and more, and more. After trying different things and failing several times, this story ended up giving me the lifestyle I always wanted, doing what I'm passionate about, making good money, and most importantly, being happy and feeling fulfilled. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

- How to change your mindset and stop trading time for money

- The importance of hiring people who are better than us at what they do

- Never give up and be consistent, but without working until exhaustion and losing the joy

- Why we are not supposed to do every single thing in our business

The path to a six or seven-figure business is different for everyone and no two stories are the same. Getting professional help from a coach to set a business strategy might be the difference between reaching your goal in the short or in the long-term. 


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