Unstoppable Success with Niyc Pidgeon / 011 How To Write A Month Of Social Media Content In 2 Hours (Or Less)

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Episode notes

In this episode, I'm sharing with you a technique to create a month's worth of content for your social media platforms in just two hours. We will go through a simple 5-step process that will help you feel inspired and creative, that will give consistency and direction to your content, and make you and your business feel supported.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

- Why it is so difficult to create new content every day

- The advantages of creating content from a place of joy and fun

- The five simple steps to create a month’s worth of content 

Igniting creativity every day takes a lot of energy. With time, it can start feeling like a chore, and we'll start having negative emotions associated with content creation, which are the enemies of creativity. That is why putting a system in place to create many pieces of content in one session can save tons of time and make our lives easier. 


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