Life Solved / COP26 in Focus: The Future of Energy

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As the global climate change conference COP26 unfolds in Glasgow, Dr Amitava Roy explains how the energy we use in homes, workplaces and businesses is set to change.


Our special ‘COP in Focus’ episodes of Life Solved are uncovering the road to net zero. This time it’s all about energy.


Heating and power are some of the most carbon-intense areas of our lives, so what options are on the table to remove harmful greenhouse gas-emitting fuels from our society – and the atmosphere?


Amit takes us through the renewable energy options available and explains some of the technology behind decarbonising our energy systems, not just in the UK but globally.


You can find out more about this work and other research at the University of Portsmouth website:




Dr Roy is CEO of Engas Global, working towards Portsmouth’s upcoming hydrogen hub.


Watch Amit talk about about the electrical and renewable energy engineering degree at Portsmouth


The UN Climate Change Conference 2021

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