Life Solved / How Everyday People are Exploring our Cosmos

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The mysteries of outer space have long fascinated scientists and academics, but an innovative research project has put ordinary people at the helm of exploring our cosmos.


To celebrate World Space Week, Professor Bob Nicol and Professor Daniel Thomas join the Life Solved podcast to talk about Galaxy Zoo, a citizen-science project part-funded by the University of Portsmouth.


Across a decade, 73,000 enthusiasts joined forces to classify galaxies in their spare time, leading to blossoming communities as well as advances in our understanding of the formation and interrelation of galaxies.


What’s more, these findings have led to breakthroughs in machine learning and the development of artificial intelligence, and inspired Zooniverse: the world’s largest portal for people-powered research.




You can find out more about this work and other research at the University of Portsmouth website:


You can find out more about Galaxy Zoo here on the Zooniverse portal:


Zooniverse is an incredible portal where 2.3 million people are taking part in research:


Explore data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey here:


Find out more about Professors Daniel Thomas and Bob Nichol here:

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