Life Solved / Mapping Past and Present ft. Prof. Humphrey Southall and Paula Aucott

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Episode notes

In this episode of Life Solved from the University of Portsmouth, Historical Geographer Professor Humphrey Southall and Paula Aucott tell us about a new mapping project that’s transforming the way we understand the present.


GB1900 collated data from digitised images of Britain’s six inch maps from between 1888 and 1914. By using specially developed analysis software from another project, it was possible to connect social references such as place names and extinct footpaths with hard data.


But a huge amount of research and data verification was helped by collaboration a crowdsourced team of local history enthusiasts and family history researchers.


Find out how they all worked towards making this invaluable new resource and the potential it has to give new insights into the past and present.


You can find out more about this work and other research at the University of Portsmouth website:




You can download GB1900 data on this website


Background on the crowdsourced GB1900 project: the largest historical place-name gazetteer for Great Britain


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