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Representing All of Us in Public Organisations and Policy Ft. Professor Karen Johnston

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Episode notes

In the final episode of this series of Life Solved, delve into some surprising insights from studies of gender representation in the UK and further afield. Professor Karen Johnston challenges the norms that are holding back women and under-represented groups. From the police force, to government, civil service and the NHS, Karen looks at the impact of inequalities in workplaces and the cultures of critical organisations.

Professor Johnston shares her findings into how diversifying gender in the police force has had a direct impact on arrests for some crimes against women. She also highlights how women are unevenly represented in certain types of roles and discusses why this might be.

Looking at the NHS she furthers the insights and explains how mirroring a population in its public services and governance can lead to better decision-making and fairer representation of the needs of the people.

You can find out more about this work and other research at the University of Portsmouth website:


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