Life Solved / How Zines Are Capturing Social History with Dr Jac Batey

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An archive of more than 300 art-zines is helping researchers and historians alike connect with social history and the human experience on diverse topics.


Portsmouth researcher Dr Jac Batey is behind an enormous archive of material collated for Zineopolis at the University of Portsmouth. In this week’s Life Solved podcast she explains how she came to realise the immense value of this self-published art for understanding diverse experiences through the decades.




You can find out more about this work and other research at the University of Portsmouth website:


You can visit Zineopolis in person, or browse digital archives and blogs online at


Find out about the Barnard Zine Library here:


Check out this article on health zines from the Wellcome Collection:


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You can find out more about Dr Jackie Batey here:



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