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A Conversation with President Thomas Jefferson

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Episode notes

In a live audience taping of The Thomas Jefferson Hour, we looked through the eyes of the author of the Declaration of Independence and marked our progress toward a more perfect union. We considered what both Mr. Jefferson and those of us charged with perfecting America today might think is yet to achieve.

Thomas Jefferson is portrayed by Presidential Scholar Clay Jenkinson, who has spoken as Jefferson in forty-nine states over a period of fifteen years, having performed before Supreme Court justices, presidents, eighteen state legislatures, and countless public, corporate and student audiences as well as appearing on The Today Show, Politically Incorrect, The Colbert Report and CNN. Clay is a humanities scholar, Rhodes Scholar, author and social commentator who is considered one of the most entertaining and articulate public speakers in the country.

Clay will be joining us again soon for Dead Presidents + Living Statues as we continue the conversation and talk openly about Jefferson's hypocrisy and the debate around statues in our country. 

This program is part of the Created Equal and Breathing Free podcast series presented in partnership with Florida Humanities.

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