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Faith vs. Science

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Episode notes

There are few areas of the culture war with deeper and more consequential divisions than the ongoing clash between faith and science. And just like with our other divisions, we’re having difficulty navigating the complexities of both faith and science without falling into our angry tribes (tribes that diminish either faith or science).

Rather than having an ongoing conversation of substance about how to apply our exploding understanding of the world around us to solve problems, our communication descends into name-calling and made-up “facts” that support what we want to believe is true (but isn’t necessarily). People of faith feel attacked and marginalized in a world where rapid scientific and technological advancements seem to outpace our ability to use them wisely.

Rabbi Jack Romberg is back to facilitate this program. Joining our panel is FSU Physicist Dr. Harrison Prosper, on the team at CERN in Switzerland that discovered Higgs boson, referred to by some as the “God particle.” Bringing a deeply personal perspective to the conversation is Mike McHargue – or Science Mike – who talks faith “in an age where science explains our world so well.” We’re also delighted to be joined by Fr. Matthew Busch of Immaculate Conception Catholic Church.

The name for this program comes from the insights of a former Catholic nun, author Karen Armstrong – that mythos (intuition, wisdom, meaning) and logos (rational, pragmatic, and scientific thought) are simply different ways of knowing.

This program is part of the Created Equal and Breathing Free podcast series presented in partnership with Florida Humanities.

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