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Peter Kageyama: For the Love of Cities

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Episode notes

Why do we connect emotionally with some places and not others? And why does that matter? Author and speaker Peter Kageyama loves cities. Big cities, small cities, villages and small towns. Our special podcast guest is Peter Kageyama on his extraordinary book. Wherever you live, this program is for you. In fact, wherever you live, we think you ought to begin a love affair with your city.

So what does loving the city you live in have to do with healing the partisan divide? Turns out the answer is “almost everything.” Tune in to find out why.

Whatever you do, watch the Grand Rapids Lip Dub when you get to that place in the podcast. Really, you’re going to thank us. And while Peter doesn’t mention the Levi’s Strauss Go Forth Campaign in this talk, we learned about it from him in an earlier talk. The video inspires us to see the plight of cities in the Rust Belt like Braddock, Pennsylvania as a frontier.

Like us, you’re never going to forget meeting Peter Kageyama.


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“For the Love of Cities,” in a throwback event offered in partnership with Leon County Government, City of Tallahassee and KCCI Tallahassee.