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072 Creating an Inspiring, Socially Conscious Brand with Emily Walder

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Episode notes

My guest on today’s show is Emily Walder, a fabulous visionary entrepreneur, who is deliberate about creating an all-inclusive and self-empowering environment that allows people to celebrate their identities. She’s the founder of Roseings London, an innovative hair accessories brand, with the vision to not only design and handcraft gorgeous headbands, but to create a company that had a voice and wasn't afraid to use it. Roseings is a socially conscious fashion company, committed to meaningful self-empowerment and racial equality.

In today’s episode, Emily shares her perceptions on how you can create an inspiring and socially conscious brand as a visionary. We discuss the importance of understanding and embodying your authenticity regardless of the views of others.

What You’ll Learn: 

- Emily’s transition into the life of a visionary entrepreneur and how she overcame the challenges along the way

- What connects your self-belief and your ability to belong in a space

- The pressures that come with holding on to your vision without providing a space to co-create with others 

- Insightful tips on how you can push past your fears and chase your dreams with confidence 

If you’re waiting for the right time to go after your dreams, it may never come. Once you’ve discovered how your creativity can make an impact in the world, go and find a way to embody your authentic self and confidently key into your visionary potential.


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