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068 How to Embrace the Opportunity in 'Quiet Quitting'

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Episode notes

There has been a shift in the world of business from the point of having rigid in-office work hours to an era of working from the comfort of your home, and a few other changes. But what happens in cases where business leaders don’t evolve with the tide by creating a work environment in sync with this new era? It leads to a massive wave of employees ‘quiet quitting’. Today, I’ll be talking about the concept of quiet quitting and how you can embrace the opportunities that lie within.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode: 

- Why people are quiet quitting their jobs recently 

- How visionaries can turn the quiet quitting phase into a massive success opportunity 

- What visionary leaders can do differently to promote co-creation at their organisations

- The importance of your visionary passion when stepping into a space of self-responsibility 

If you want your employees to be passionate about the work they do, you need to foster an atmosphere for them to co-create with you from a visionary place. They can build a sense of fulfillment in what they do when you make them feel included and that their voices matter in the long run. 


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