Voices of the Community / Vital Arts and the Northern California Community Land Trust

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Episode notes

"When the private equity money comes in, that's when unfortunately you see the human equity and the cultural equity and the racial equity tends to disappear. Suddenly it's equitable only for the people that have brought the billions of dollars to play." - Ian Winters

With the health and financial impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and a low inventory of housing, especially live work and warehouse space, the focus of this week’s episode is on housing for our artists community members. Our featured voices are the executive consultant for Vital Arts, Kathryn Reasoner and the Executive Director of the Northern California Land Trust Ian Winters who share about their work with our artists community to develop solutions to deal with the pandemic’s ongoing impact on their housing.

To find out more about Vital Arts and to participate in the Opportunity Loan Fund go to vital arts dot org. To find out more about the Northern California Land Trust’s affordable housing, community facilities, current housing opportunities, the community co-ownership initiative and SB91 Housing Assistance senate bill please go to n c l t dot org  

To hear other voices working with our artists community on a local level please listen to our interview with Justin and Karim at Project Artivism in episode 49 and our one hour special interview with Joaquin on the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development’s work to support our arts economy in episode 57. On a state level we hear from Julie of Californians for the Arts in episode 66 about their efforts to secure both funding and political will to help our arts community