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We're Down to Six, Seeding Significance, We Need to Apologize & Will Bauer Earn Big Bucks in Cincy with Mo Egger

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Episode notes

Can you hear that? It's Europe playing in the background..."IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWNNNN!" Two, I repeat, two series remain before the postseason begins and, well, as Paul and Mo Egger spectacularly point out, its significance still looms large as the Reds have yet to secure a spot, though they are riding on increased serotonin after winning six of their last seven (1:00). Surfing on a winning-streak with their starting rotation hurling, is there any excuse not to make the playoffs? Sure, earning a postseason berth is top priority, but after that, what playoff seeding would benefit the team the most (14:45)? Look, when we're wrong we're wrong, so, please accept this apology, Michael Lorenzen (21:30). The guys wrap up today's show discussing the Brewers parity (29:45); Bauer's future remains murky (34:30) and a Reds nightmare scenario (42:15).

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