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IndyRef2 and Britzerland

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Episode notes

This week on Whitehall Sources, we take you behind the door of Number 10 Downing Street and discuss Britzerland. It's Brexit-related and it's all about The Chequers Deal: what is it, what does it mean, why is it back four years after it was first discussed, and what should it do to the messaging around Brexit policy from here on? Kirsty Buchanan - who was a Special Adviser to Prime Minister Theresa May - and Oscar Reddrop - who was a Special Adviser to Boris Johnson - discuss their different strategies on Brexit, and how to deal with the Conservative Party. Also on this week's episode, we're joined by Luke Graham who worked in the Union Unit of Number 10 Downing Street. He tells us about its purpose, his "robust conversations" and getting annoyed at Nicola Sturgeon. He and Calum also enjoy being able to discuss "dualling the A9" which is likely a campaign you can all now get behind. As we open the door to The Correspondence Unit, Sam wants to know how to become a Special Adviser so Kirsty tells him to work hard and Oscar tells him to go to the pub. We discuss the intersection of politics and sport as the World Cup in Qatar continues, and players are apparently too scared to protest effectively. Plus Calum gets angry about the government media "round" once again. But is he right to? You can email your questions anytime, as well as your takes on the issues we're talking about, the email address is [email protected]