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Rishi Sunak, Piers Morgan, Wes Streeting, Liz Truss

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Episode notes

In this episode, Calum Macdonald and Kirsty Buchanan discuss various political topics, including Rishi Sunak's interview with Piers Morgan, his admission of the government's failure on NHS waiting lists, Wes Streeting's vision for NHS reform, and Liz Truss's PopCon event. They also explore the potential for a split in the Conservative Party and the rise of populist conservatives.

  • Rishi Sunak's interview with Piers Morgan sparked controversy and raised questions about his decision to make a bet on the fate of refugees.
  • Wes Streeting's vision for NHS reform emphasises the importance of both spending money and implementing necessary reforms.
  • Liz Truss's PopCon event showcased the rise of populist conservatives and their focus on issues such as immigration and left-wing extremism.
  • There is a potential for a split within the Conservative Party, with some members aligning with populist conservatives and others advocating for a more moderate approach.

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