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Will the Tories keep swiping left?

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Episode notes

Welcome to episode 2, which is dropping for you unexpectedly soon. But then, Kwasi Kwarteng got dropped unexpectedly quickly too, didn't he? In this episode, as the dust settles following Liz Truss's remarkable press conference announcing her corporation tax U-turn, we listen back, assess the damage done, the ground made up. And we have the benefit of having heard from the new Chancellor Jeremy Hunt as well - has a grown up entered the room? Plus, Calum vents about "the round" - interviewing government ministers on the radio; Kirsty says this should be the end of populist politics; Oscar reckons Liz Truss's defence that she's governing in "the national interest" is a signal of defeat. What do you think? Email: [email protected]. Find us on social media - search for Whitehall Sources. Leave us a review, share the podcast. On Episode 3, we'll open the doors to The Correspondence Unit - so get your messages and comments in now with your analysis and your predictions...what will politics look like by the time we speak again? 

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