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Welcome to the Wired for Wealth™ podcast with Abi Rogers: Secret success weapon, psychotherapeutic mentor, trauma and manifestation expert.

I help wildly ambitious folk with a sense of adventure to own their worth and create a truly wealthy, soul-aligned life that brings lasting satisfaction.

To me, wealth is about way more than just the money - it's about health and wellbeing, relationships, fun - and feeling like you live and love each day of your life from a place of purpose and power.

I've personally overcome mountains of issues around imposter syndrome, anxiety and money - and over the past 7 years I've been helping others to do the same. I'm here to help you create wild success without the stress, by freeing yourself from the cycles of subconscious self-sabotage that stop SO many others in their tracks.

You can get started on that journey right now, by diving in to discover your unique profile of self-sabotaging beliefs and limiting behaviours with my FREE tool: The Imposter Identity Matrix™

As a multi 6-figure entrepreneur myself from the tender age of 27, I learned the hard way that true success starts and ends with the deep inner work. But that needn't be a constant battle, nor does it have to feel hard!

In the podcast I'll share my secrets to help you overcome everything that's standing in your way, and expand in to receiving far more than you ever thought possible.

True wealth awaits - and I'm here to help you claim it.

Some of the things you can expect to hear about on the show:

  • Money Mindset & Money Anxiety (what's the difference?)
  • Why mental wellbeing unlocks the door to manifestation
  • Why working less helps you achieve WAY more (science says so)
  • The real reasons we procrastinate (and why it's NOT just about fear of success or failure)
  • Why you're still feeling the effects of Imposter Syndrome and how to get it GONE
  • Surprising things that might be triggering your anxiety and blocking your abundance
  • Perfectionism and other success & wealth saboteurs
  • How and why we ride the emotional rollercoaster of motivation & focus
  • How scarcity mindset blocks your success (even when you have it on paper)
  • How to create success when you feel like ADHD and anxiety have you stuck and struggling
  • Why feeling the fear and faking it are NOT the best - or only - routes to wealth & success

And SO much more. Dive in and be inspired 💛

Find other free resources to support your journey at www.abigail-rogers.com

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