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'An Independent Curveball' w/ Dutty Moonshine Big Band

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Episode notes

Probably one of the biggest independent bands in the UK right now and one of my personal festival favourites, we chat to the sound of Bristol,  Dutty Moonshine of Dutty Moonshine Big Band.  And at the time of this conversation the band were in the top 10 iTunes chart which is an incredible achievement for someone unsigned . They also tour Europe relentlessly and headline the big stages at the big festivals to tens of thousands of people on the regular. This is a fascinating insight to the behind the scenes mechanics of being able to make it happen without major backing. He shares tips, secrets and the hard work and reality behind it all. So even if you don't know the band you are gonna learn something today.
He shows us behind the smoke and mirrors and gives a modern day account of touring, social media and how his band have been so successful.
Like the last couple of episodes this was recorded a few months back now . I think October 2023 if memory serves me right, but everything is still relevant or even more relevant than it was then .
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