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'A Nebulous Place' w/ Zara Gladman

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Episode notes

A conversation I had with musican, comedian and viral sensation Zara Gladman who has since sold out two nights at Oran Mor as part of teh Glasgow Comedy Festival. This was recorded in late August 2023 the day before we were both interviewed at the Edinburgh fringe, by Darren McGarvey at The Stand. Since then , Zara's profile has skyrocketed with one of her characters 'West End Maw' probably becoming one of the most famous skits but there is many, many other sides to Zara as we discuss everything from her Lady Gaga parody to her Tik Tok fame as well as discussing A.I, Barbie and meeting Gerard Butler in Partick. 
She will be doing the 'Zara Gladman & Friends' show again by popular demand on June 13th 2024 at Oran Mor.  Tickets here:

This is one of four classic interviews from 2023 that I never had the chance to upload so once these are released then Season 4 begins for 2024. 

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Shout outs to Maco for mixing and mastering the interview. The intro was done by me so apologies if the first couple of minutes sound a wee bit tinny. Still haven't got my studio set up but it will be ready to go by Season 4.