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Crafting Leaders: Empowering Growth in the Trades Through Development | ft. Ginine Capozzi | Ep.397

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Episode notes

In this enlightening episode of The Site Shed podcast, we delve into the art of leadership development to empower growth within the trades. Featuring Ginine Capozzi of KnowledgeForce Consulting LLC, we discover invaluable strategies for leadership development, employee empowerment, and driving true profitability through professional development. Ginine shares her expertise on transforming trade professionals into visionary leaders who can navigate challenges and lead their teams to success. Tune in to learn how you can foster a culture of leadership and growth in your business.

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Discussion Points:

00:00 Episode Highlight
03:18 Engineers misunderstanding on-site work, drawing inaccuracies.
08:54 Advise on developing and scaling companies effectively.
12:39 Gain insight through 1 to 10 scale.
14:45 Reading book, implementing frameworks, planning future meetings.
18:44 Career paths involve trade-offs, skill acquisition.
22:45 Align learning with business strategy for success.
25:06 Implemented a scorecard system for businesses' defined outcomes.
27:06 Adapting training for efficient talent investment processes.
31:36 Assessing skills, content inventory, evaluating learning options.
34:49 Leadership requires desire, adaptability, and structure.
37:53 Importance of strategy in designing training content.
40:14 Accountability and coaching for tying training to work.


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