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COVID-19: Business Continuity & the Human Imperative

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Episode notes

As marketing communications agencies and in-house teams struggle to get to grips with the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, business continuity has leapt to the fore. 77% of PR firms around the world are expecting a loss of earnings as a result of the crisis, while national newspaper sales fell by 20% in the last two weeks of March.

The questions leaders and brands face today are around both short-term survival and long-term strategic planning, and how to reconcile the two.

This episode of the Digital Download podcast investigates the management challenges of remote working, the leadership challenges around the future of work, and the brand challenges of putting people before profit. It delves into the immediate task of how best to manage staff and what is currently expected of leadership, and also into the likely lasting effects of those outcomes on brand perception and success, and on leadership itself.

My special guests on this show are counselling and occupational psychologist Rob Stewart, and Rod Cartwright, deputy of the PRCA’s international Covid-19 task force and a strategic communications consultant.

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