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Reflections on What 2020 Means for Marketing Communications

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Episode notes

The COVID-19 pandemic, social unrest on either side of the Atlantic, Brexit, a vitriolic US Presidential election and mass redundancies are what 2020 will be remembered for. And while the human cost has been massive, with 50 million cases of coronavirus and over one million deaths to date, the impact on the marketing communications industry and those working within it has also been significant.

Though we have all lived through the same events, we’ve experienced them in very different ways. Some of us have experienced trauma, some of us have changed our lives or our careers, and some of us have been relatively unscathed. But we’ve all faced the same challenges to our mental wellbeing and we’ve all had to adapt on the fly to changing business demands.

This episode of the Digital Download podcast is the first of two special shows to close off the year. In candid conversations with five senior figures in the marketing communications industry, I’ve gained an insight into their experiences of the last ten month and how they’re planning for 2021.

My special guests on this show are James Whatley, Strategy Partner at Digitas UK, professional business advisor Stephen Waddington, Gini Dietrich, CEO of Arment Dietrich, Katy Howell, CEO of Immediate Future and Rax Lakhani, digital PR & social media consultant.

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