Digital Download with Paul Sutton / Five Years in Business. But for How Much Longer?

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Episode notes

Covid-19 has knocked the marketing communications industry for six. Projects and campaigns have been cancelled left, right and centre, leaving many in-house teams on pause and many agencies and freelancers with plummeting revenue.

Although it’s only a matter of three weeks since the economy collapsed, such has been the impact of the coronavirus that it now seems difficult to remember normal business life before it. But there was a time less than two months ago where the marketing world was just that; normal.

Today’s episode of the Digital Download podcast was recorded in the middle of February, before the World Health Organisation called Covid-19 a pandemic and long before we really took it seriously in the UK or the USA. It’s about being in business for five years, and about the lessons learned from that. It’s optimistic in tone, and it seems very at odds with the world now. Maybe that’s a good thing, maybe it’s a bad thing. But it certainly makes an interesting listen in the context of today.

My special guest on this show is Rich Leigh, founder of Radiocactive PR and the author of ‘Myths of PR’.

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