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Mia Freedman on how she overcomes procrastination, her daily rituals for keeping mentally fit, and why her productivity peaks after 9pm

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Episode notes

Mia Freedman is the co-founder and creative director of the Mamamia Women’s Network, Australia’s largest digital women’s media company. They reach 4 million women per month and also have the world’s largest women’s podcast network, with eight shows that reach millions of women.

As many Australian listeners would know, Mia was the youngest editor of Australian Cosmo at 24 years old back in the mid 90s. And because I was one of many loyal Cosmo readers as a teenager, I feel like I grew up with Mia. I’ve also lapped all of her books and I just love how she speaks so honestly and is such a raw way about her life.

I found it fascinating to sit down with Mia and learn more about how she structures her days and the routines that she has. I particularly loved hearing about her methods for overcoming procrastination, which I think every listener can benefit from.

We covered a whole range of topics in our chat, including:

  • How Mia carves out time to write books
  • Why Mia hates long deadlines
  • Mia’s daily rituals to stay on top of her mental health
  • Why Mia has stopped reaching for her phone first thing in the morning
  • Mia’s favourite podcasts
  • Why Mia’s productivity peaks after 9pm
  • Why Mia is spending less time on Facebook
  • How Mia is rethinking her inbox
  • How Mia reduces the amount of decisions she needs to make
  • Mia’s top parenting hacks
  • How Mia re-energises herself during the workday

And a whole lot more.

If you want to learn more about Mia, you can find her at or via which is her brand new project that includes an Online Bootcamp will help you activate your business idea in just 6 weeks.

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