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Amantha Imber on doing a hard reset on her work habits

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Episode notes

My guest today is…me! For the second time in the history of this show, I thought I’d turn the tables and share with you how I run my own workday. It's changed quite a bit in light of some very big changes in my life in 2019. The delightful and wise Dr Jason Fox joins me on the show to sit in the interviewer chair. We cover all sorts of ground, including: * The huge changes I have experienced in my work and life over the last year and how that has impacted my productivity * Why I prefer smaller teams to bigger teams * My team’s weekly rhythms * The different work experiments Inventium is currently running * Inventium’s move to a four day week and how the guidelines have been co-created by the team * How I balance work and parenting as a single mother * How digital distraction crept back into my life and how I dealt with it * How we do goal setting at Inventium * My daily and weekly rhythms * Why I create rules for myself * How I’m changing my email workflow * How I think about downtime Connect with me via Inventium, and on Linkedin and Twitter.  

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