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#26 Feminism's Consequences on Your Marriage

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Feminism has contributed significantly to the world, bringing forth numerous benefits. Over the years, it has evolved into a complex and multifaceted movement. Alongside its positive impacts, however, some drawbacks have subtly infiltrated our subconscious. These factors now influence not only how women perceive men and themselves but also impact our relationships. It is crucial to acknowledge these aspects so we can build stronger families and marriages. If you're seeking a fulfilling connection and are curious about the silent forces shaping your perceptions of your partner - join us in this episode. Let's uncover the subtle influences intricately woven within the fabric of feminism affecting your relationship dynamics. Be sure that you haven't unknowingly succumbed to the shadow sides of feminism and instead foster a strong, loving relationship. _______ Create the marriage you WANT with the partner you've got! Married-U will help you make your dream a reality! (married-u.com)