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Kasey Jo Orvidas, PhD — Unconventional Career Paths, Non-Negotiable Daily Habits, & Science-Backed Goal Setting | MTFP Ep.86

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Kasey is an online fitness coach, a coach of coaches, and has her PhD in Psychology. I learned about Kasey through her boyfriend and past guest, Sam Miller, who isn't as pretty to look at, but is still a great fella ;) But overall, we had a wholesome chat about a few of her strengths: mindset, habit-building, goal setting, psychology and behavior change, fixed vs growth mindset, values, and plenty more. Not to mention, I think we touched on a lot more personal details that Kasey hasn't shared on other podcasts, including hiding her career choice from her high-achieving parents, everywhere she's excited to travel post-COVID, her big project for 2021, and, of course, her alternate career choice in a different world. Excited for you guys to hear this one, so hope you enjoy.

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