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E59: Exercise, Eating Disorders & Mental Health in Elite Athletes (with Dr. Amit Mistry)

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Episode notes

Dr Amit D. Mistry is a consultant sports psychiatrist, with a specialism in eating disorders and athlete mental health. Dr Amit D Mistry is chair of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych) Sport & Exercise Group. He is the mental health advisor to Oxford University Sport and Consultant Sport Psychiatrist to the English Cricket Board (ECB) Women's XI national side. He is the editor of “Case Studies in Sports Psychiatry”.

In today's episode we discuss what a psychiatrist working with athletes does, approaches to treatment and how these are similar/different to general psychiatry, how interested doctors can get involved, as well as more specialist topics like exercise addiction and eating disorders.

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Interviewed by  Dr. Anya Borissova.

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