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Interview #35: Dr. Alex George (on Love Island, Public Mental Health, Self-Actualisation, Learning from Failure)

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Episode notes

Dr Alex George is a medical NHS doctor. He is well known for featuring on Love Island in 2018. Following the show, Alex has become a leading voice in mental health, and uses his platform to make health and medicine more accessible to millennials and beyond.

Dr Alex is the UK Governments first Youth Mental Health Ambassador. Dr Alex has launched a campaign requesting the UK Government prioritise mental health amongst children and adolescents. He has also written a book ‘Live Well Every day’ with the intention of helping people achieve their best health and lifelong wellbeing.

Among many other topics we discuss:
- The psychological impact of fame and social media
- Common sense strategies for managing mental health problems
- The importance of discovering your values
- Mental health problems among minority populations
- Learning from Failure

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