Michael James Wong: Mindfulness & The Value Of Inaction Skills

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This week I’m talking to Michael James Wong, the founder of global mindfulness collective Just Breathe. Earlier this year, he launched a brilliant meditation app of the same name. He is committed to bringing mindfulness to people around the world – whether that’s through in-person events which in the past have attracted over 1,000 participants, or through being connected online. He’s also just about the calmest person I’ve ever spoken to. His latest book, Senzaruru: Small Steps and Gentle Wisdom to Heal the World, really speaks to Michael’s ‘less is more’ philosophy. In this conversation we discuss the value of bringing the quiet, stillness and calm of mindfulness to our alone time – even if that’s just 10 minutes a day. We also discuss the idea of ‘inaction skills’ – which is basically a skillset around doing nothing, and just sitting with our thoughts. Enjoy listening – wherever you are – and I hope you reap the benefits of taking this for yourself.


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You can download Michael’s meditation app, Just Breathe, on iOS and Google Play.

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