The Solo Female Traveler

Solo Travel in your 50s- Ruth Zander

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About the episode: 

Traveling solo in your 50s can be an incredibly rewarding experience.
After spending many years focusing on family and career, it can be incredibly liberating to take some time to explore the world in your own way.
On her 50th Birthday, Ruth went to Spain to solo travel.
In this episode, she shared how she worried so much about her past relationship, how co-dependent she was,
and how she realized a lot of things in her journey as a solo female traveler. She also shared how much she has grown into a happier and more confident version of herself. "I trust myself more, I felt inspired and I am much more confident."

Solo travel can also provide an opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth.
With fewer distractions, you can take the time to really think about your life, your past experiences, and your goals for the future.

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