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Tips on How to Learn a New Language When You Travel- Dominique Cordero

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Did you ever realize that traveling gets a little bit easier when you know a few words in the language of the country where you're going to? People tend to joke that if you can say, “Yes,” “No,” “Where’s the restroom?” and “I’ll have another beer, please,” then you’re set. While that statement can be almost true, there are a whole list of other useful phrases, words, and conversations that can keep you safe, happy, and a little less stressed when you’re on vacation, studying or working abroad.

Our guest for this episode is Dominique Cordero, she is a Spanish Coach and owner of La Mariposa Spanish Lessons, since buying a one way ticket and working as an Au Pair in Spain, she spent a year becoming fluent in Spanish. Since then, she has helped hundreds of her students build confidence in their Spanish by sharing her proven strategies for how to learn Spanish as an adult, and in this episode she shares some of them with us.

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