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Patrick Llewellyn, 99Designs

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Patrick Llewellyn, 99 Designs 

Patrick Llewellyn thinks the U.S. is “The land of anything is possible”...and that hipsters everywhere are making great coffee these days. 

This week on 37 Degrees Latitude, Patrick Llewellyn, CEO of 99 Designs talks about his journey from the circus in Melbourne to loaning Instagram some internet bandwidth in San Francisco, and growing a truly international business. 

Patrick found his success in San Francisco with the help of fellow Aussie entrepreneurs, the E3 visa, and by building a culture-first company, all while reveling in his company's “unique Australianness.” 

U.S. Consul General Mike Kleine hosts Patrick to dive into Patrick’s story that winds its way through a winery, a condemned startup hub, gruff Australians, polite Americans, and some average coffee - all of which helped shape his experience to grow 99 Designs at 37˚  north and south.  



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In this podcast, U.S. Consul General to Melbourne Michael Kleine meets the Australian founders and entrepreneurs who cut a path between 37˚ N & S and found capital, partners, markets, and success in the United States. 

Mike Kleine is a career diplomat for the U.S. Department of State Officer who is currently the U.S. Consul General to Melbourne. As a former founder turned diplomat, he has a deep-seated interest in entrepreneurship, a fascination with innovation, and a passion for the U.S-Australia relationship.

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