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Maria Sipka, Linqia

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Season 2 Episode 1: Maria Sipka, Linqia

Maria Sipka found her purpose bringing consciousness and personality to advertising – creating a conduit between brands and people. After years of globetrotting, Maria has lived by the entrepreneur’s mantra: “the joy is in the journey.”

Maria Sipka, Chief Evangelist and co-founder of Linqia, a company at the forefront of influencer marketing kicks off season two of 37 Degrees Latitude, talking about her incredible global journey from Australia to San Francisco via Switzerland, Germany, and Spain.

U.S. Consul General Mike Kleine hosts Maria to reflect on the importance of passion, having a great co-founder, and knowing how a carefully timed move to the U.S. market can turn a startup’s fortunes around.  A founding member of the “attention economy,” Maria started Linqia when influencer marketing barely existed – an industry now worth billions.




Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell


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In this podcast, U.S. Consul General to Melbourne Michael Kleine meets the Australian founders and entrepreneurs who cut a path between 37˚ N & S and found capital, partners, markets, and success in the United States. 

Mike Kleine is a career diplomat for the U.S. Department of State Officer who is currently the U.S. Consul General to Melbourne. As a former founder turned diplomat, he has a deep-seated interest in entrepreneurship, a fascination with innovation, and a passion for the U.S.-Australia relationship.

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