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How Envy Destroys You with Will and Jon

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Episode notes

Have you ever felt resentment at another’s good fortune? Today, Will and Jon talk about one of the “7 deadly sins” - Envy.  Why it hurts us, where it COULD be HELPFUL, and what we can do to keep it in check when needed.  

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00:00 How Envy Destroys You

03:00 Will leads Opening Grounding Practice (~1 min)

04:00 Defining Envy

10:00 Comparison

14:00 Competition vs Envy

19:30 The positive side to Envy

28:30 The negative side to Envy and spinning it into Gratitude

34:00 How to spot Envious Behaviour

40:30 How to overcome Envy

55:00 Jon leads Closing Gratitude Practice (~3 min)