Killing Phar Lap: A Forensic Investigation

Killing Phar Lap: A Forensic Investigation - Ep 8

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Episode notes

A recap - The indisputable facts - Horse vet Bill Nielsen’s devious behaviour leaves traces. Bill fails to report the ‘medicine’ he dosed Phar Lap with on the early morning of his death, instead blaming Tommy Woodcock for grazing Phar Lap on arsenic sprayed pasture. Mob historian Christian Cipollini puts the birth of the mob’s so called ‘Murder Inc’ in 1932 into perspective to reveal the unified, deadly nature of the Syndicate, coast to coast, across the whole country. Australian journalist Bert Wolfe was at the scene when Phar Lap died and firmly believed the great horse was deliberately poisoned. Was competitive millionaire race horse owner Willis Sharpe Kilmer involved? Does the metal box containing Phar Lap’s remains, that Bill Nielsen buried at Menlo Park, contain Phar lap’s real heart?]]>