Killing Phar Lap: A Forensic Investigation

By Kerry Negara

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The iconically revered super racehorse Phar Lap’s death has been shrouded in mystery and intrigue.

Kerry Negara embarks on the first full forensic investigation around the death of the Australian wonder horse Phar Lap, to discover why he was brutally killed, by whose hand and why, at Menlo Park Ranch in California, USA.
Killing Phar Lap: A forensic investigation podcast uses excerpts from the following publications:

'Killing Phar Lap: An untold part of the story' by Biff Lowry
'Tommy' a documentary by Neil Kearney
'Me & Phar Lap: The Tommy Woodcock Tapes' by Jan Wositzky
Jay Hansen memoir (unpublished)

Conor Duffy ABC Radio interview with Graeme Pearce, 2006
This Fabulous Century - Peter Luck interview with Mary McCann, 1999
'Satan’s Playground: Mobsters & Movie Stars at America’s great gaming resort'
by Paul J Vanderwood
Thanks To Biff and Katie Lowry, Neil Kearney, Jan Wositzky and J’Lene Hansen Mendenhall, Christian Cipollini - Mob Historian, Ivan Kempson from University South Australia, Dermot Henry from Melbourne Museum and David Paterson from the Melbourne Synchrotron for their co-operation.

We use Actors to bring to life memoirs and letters, otherwise actual voices are used.
Under the Australian Copyright Act 1968 some excerpts in Killing Phar Lap: A forensic investigation, have been used under Fair Dealing in the act for research, study, criticism and review. The Fair Dealing Act allows for use of copyright material without the copyright owner’s permission in these situations. Australian Copyright Council
Kerry Negara: Writer / Producer
Richard Di Gregorio: Technical Producer
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