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How to Manage Fatigue to Maximize Your Results (Program Design Series Part 6) | PD Podcast Ep.57

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Episode notes

We are back with a bonus episode in the Program Design series! Today's episode is all about how to manage fatigue. To listen to parts 1-5 of the series, head to episodes 47-51. Listen in as Sue, Alex, and Austin dive into overtraining, RPE, RIR, and the mistakes they've made as they began their fitness journeys.

As always, it is our goal not only to supply you, the listener, with valuable insights on the topics or questions but also to plant some seeds for further research and thought. Without further ado, let's get into today's episode.


(0:00) Intro

(0:48) What is 'overtraining'?

(3:15) Defining the key components of fatigue management: proximity to failure (RPE or RIR), rest periods, autoregulation, deloads

(9:01) What role have deloads played in the progress of our clients throughout the years?

(13:50) How do we implement autoregulation?

(29:44) What role do we see rest periods play in someone's training? How do we use them with clients?

(38:49) How do we utilize RPE/RIR in our programming?

(47:15) Mistakes we've made

(58:40) Final thoughts & wrap-up

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