Communication Strategy That Works podcast

By Emma Drake

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Welcome to the Communication Strategy That Works podcast. I'm Emma, your host, and I am making it my mission to help you get the 'comms stuff' right, spend your money more wisely, and have much more impact.

I'm an in-house expert turned external advisor, and I help you if you're a 'comms' and PR leader or manager understand how to find essential customers, engage them in products and services, stand out from the competition, and protect your brand reputation. I cover a wide range of topics through solo shows and 'deep dive' guest episodes.

I share three episodes a month with you that include insights from 20 years of experience working with, and in, fast-paced, growing, and established B2B businesses and initiatives.

I've been there and got the badge, so I am distilling this knowledge into easy peasy pointers to help you grow your business and brand profile with the right communication strategy 'That Works'.

I bust the myths (and I've pretty much heard all of them) break through the jargon, and give you practical, essential and useful advice and tips that you can use. I will save you time, money and energy whether you are listening regularly when at work or on the move, or bingeing at the weekend Netflix box-set style.

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