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Ep 23. ‘On the Couch’ talking Poonami’s, Buckaroo and Not Compromising

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Episode notes

Well phew lovely Foggers and Fogglets, what a bloomin’ year this has been! We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling bounced around, whiplashed, dizzy and facing backwards as 2023 races to a close. How’s it been for you?

In this 23 for 23 – Episode 23 and the last of 2023, we reflecting on what’s challenged us, what’s really important, what we’re letting go of and what we’re committing to…sort of…as much as we can, because that’s another lesson from this crazy year, not to put too much pressure on ourselves. Why do we do that?!

Above all though, we’re feeling massively grateful for so much and for so many people, not least YOU, our gorgeous community who have listened to our ramblings, supported and encouraged us. We honestly love you for sticking around despite our consistent inconsistency, and we’re making a commitment to you to make sure we record our chats every month. You’ve been warned haha! 

So, this episode, our ‘never any notes’ chat includes:

·       Importance of community and talking things

·       Feeling like a ‘Buckaroo’. In a classic fog 
        moment,  we just couldn’t remember the name 
        of this game while we were talking but 
        typically, as soon as the mic went off, it came 

·       Gratitude – Norwegian style 

·       Never being ‘too busy’ for people you value 
        and love.

·       Making an effort doesn’t mean BIG effort

·       A little less conversation, a little more action 
        please – get ‘doing’.

·       Not subscribing to expensive remedy sales. 
         The best remedy is our TTT method – talk, 
         time (for yourself), and trying your best.

·       Not compromising night compromises your
         health and well being.

Thanks for listening to our little chunnerings. As always, we'd love you to join in by letting us know what you think and sharing your experiences.

Until next time lovely ones, you know it...."Stay sane. Don't lose it." We've got you!
Big love,
Michele and Lou x

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