Wot The Fog

By Michele & LouLou

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Two friends. One midlife journey. A thousand challenges. A million laughs.
Come and join the conversation. We're two friends with many shared challenges and experiences, but by far the biggest experience has been, and still is, midlife and menopause. Boy have we been on a journey with it. From perimenopause to full on meno, we've been together all the way sharing, supporting, encouraging and having each other's backs. Even holding each other when we've had our 'wall slider' moments (you'll hear more about this don't worry).
We've found things along the way that have worked for us, physically and emotionally but the things that really are getting us through are each other, our friendship and laughs. No matter what happens, we have plenty of laughs. 
We want to share our experiences with you in the hope that you'll realise you're not alone, that you'll discover some things that might help you through this crazy but freeing phase of your life, and we hope you'll share with us too because we've still got plenty to learn and far to go.
We’ll have regular features ... •Lost and Found (or Lost & Never Found) •Fog Moments •Symptoms, Shares and Top Tips •Play Time - Just for Fun including Activities, Music, Makeup, Fashion etc. 
Along the way, we’ll also be inviting some lovely special guests to join us to share their expertise and experiences. Above all, we hope you'll feel a part of our little community, safe enough to share and that you'll laugh along with us. 
Enjoy listening. 
Big love, 
LouLou and Michele x 
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