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Ep.11 Reflection, Gratitude and Gripes

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Episode notes

Well, can you even Adam and Eve it? It’s almost the end of another crazy year! Who’s have thunk it? Another year of topsy turvy, inside out and upside downness and all while navigating the shark infested waters that are the Menopause. Listen girls, f we can survive this lot, we’re coming out with wings, a crown and some serious superpowers.

So, for our final podcast of the year, we’re doing a bit of reflecting and realising that we have so much to be grateful for. Gratitude, it seems, is our real superpower. 

What we’re most grateful for is that in less than a year, we’ve been joined by you, our incredible community and we’ve made so many amazing connections. Our little Podcast project has given us purpose, touched and helped others and made us feel pretty damn useful and good about ourselves. What more can we say, other than THANK YOU!

As 2021 rushes out, join us to think about what you’re grateful for, what you want more of and what you definitely want less of from now on. We’re with you all the way.

See you over in 2022 lovely Foggers and Fogglets.

Until then, you know it…”Stay Sane. Don’t Lose it.”

Huge love,

Michele and Lou x


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