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Ep 19. Totes Emosh & Our 'World Menopause Month' Special FREE Event

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Episode notes

Hi lovely Foggers and Fogglets,
 We're back again for another jam packed, random conversation episode. How have you been?
 As it's 'World Menopause Month' and we just had 'World Mental Health Day', we thought we'd talk about the lesser known and talked about emotional and mental health symptoms of midlife and menopause.
 In this extended episode, we talk about...
 • The physical-emotional symptom connection.
 • Meno conversation reaching parliament and the women's health check at 45 proposal.
 • How do we know what's menopause related, what's natural ageing and what might be something else?
 • Keeping positive - less problems, more solutions.
 • The importance and healing power of staying connected, being part of a community and of sharing.
 • Can Michele find a magic sleep solution for Lou's insomnia?
 • GP availability - what's your experience?
 • Taking time out - 10 mins, 3 times a day is a valuable half hour.
 Are you coming along to the FREE 'Meet the Experts' event being held in our private Facebook Group on Tuesday 25, Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 October? Each evening at 6pm and 7.30pm GMT, an expert will be coming along LIVE to share their knowledge, tips and loveliness with us. You will have chance to interact (if you want to) and get your questions answered so please show up to support them, us and your fellow Foggers and Fogglets. You'll be getting priceless stuff on: gut health, fashion and styling, how scent can affect and improve our well-being, skincare and facial yoga, body strengthening to avoid osteoporosis and winding down with a beautiful relaxing sound bath.
 Find out more about all the presenters at our website http://wotthefog.com and make sure your come and join the Facebook Group (link below) where it'll all be happening. If you want to leave after the event, we'll miss you, but we won't try to stop you.

PLEASE tell all your fab female friends about the Podcast and the Event and let's get as many women in midlife and menopause well informed and supported as we can.

'til next time lovelies, you know it...."Stay sane. Don't lose it."

Big love,
Michele and Lou x


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