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WTF Ep 16. Gut Health & Menopause with Guest Expert Emily Foster from 'A Gutsy Menopause'

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Episode notes

Hi lovely Foggers and Foggiest,

Well, we know we bleat on about gut health a lot so we thought it was about time we brought in a real bonfire expert to tell us more about how important it is,  bust some of the myths and give us some simple but effective tips to improve it.

We were so thrilled to have the fabulous Emily Foster from A Gusty Menopause along to chat to us about all this. Emily is a qualified dietician and nutritionist both here in the UK and in her home country, Canada. She definitely qualifies as an 'expert' and as a bonus, she's absolutely lovely!

Some of the things Emily covers for us are….

• How she came to specialist in gut health for midlife and menopause
• How we can decipher what might be menopausal and what is gut health related and does it matter?
• How fluctuating oestrogen and progesterone levels can slow down the time it takes to process food, often leading to things like : - Acid Reflux, Constipation, Gas
• To juice or not to juice?

Emily tells us how to easily but effectively improve our gut health through her acronym N.A.M.E and recommends an app to track fibre levels in our food.

We have a fantastic time chatting with Emily and learned so much. We think you will too. This is such an important subject for us midlife gals that we think we'll have to ask Emily to come back…probably again and again.

If you have any questions about this Episode (we have feeling you will), please let us know. Please join in the conversation and share your experiences with us. That’s what builds community and how we help other women like us. You can join our private Facebook group, message us on Instagram or email us. All the links are below.

Go and find Emily now!! We can't recommend her enough. The best place to find her is on Instagram at @a_gutsy_menopause or you can visit her website at https://agutsymenopause.com

Huge love & gratitude,
Michele and Lou x


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