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Ep 21. Up Up and Away. Keeping it Positive and Choosing 'Happy'

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Episode notes

Hello gorgeous Foggers and Fogglets,

It's all about the positive vibes this episode lovelies. We're attempting to walk our talk and take our own medicine.

For a while back there, it all got a bit much. We had so much going on in our personal lives and so many exciting things we wanted to do for you, our amazing community but we just didn't have the energy or capacity to do it all so we had to have a word with ourselves. Actually, we had a bored...oops, 'board' meeting haha, and thought about how we could best keep giving you value and stay connected while honouring our own needs too. So, we've decided that the best thing we can do is concentrate on this, the Podcast, where it all started but we're adding something new for you, a Blog. Every month, either Lou or Michele will share their thoughts, feelings and any interesting stuff they've come across or think you'd like. We really hope you like it.

As usual, this is a packed episode.  We're talking....

• Asking for and accepting help when we need it.
• Recognising messages to slow down.
• Creating space for thinking and feeling.
• Realising we can't control everything & learning to just 'let go and go with the flow'.
• We're all creative in our own ways. We just need to find the right thing.
• Speech problems - getting muddled.
• Risk assessing - do we cause our own accidents and incidents?
"Where attention goes, energy flows." The negatives and positives of that phrase.
• New lives, third age and new starts. New opportunities for fun as we age.
and of course....
• Our Fog Moments

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Until next time lovely ones, you know it...."Stay sane. Don't lose it."

Big love,
Michele and Lou x

P.S. If you're wondering what an earth the children's TV programme Crackerjack was all about, check this out...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GktZgeOQWUk

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