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Ep 15. Anxiety, Angst and Travel Traumas

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Episode notes

Hi lovely Foggers and Fogglets,

We're back with Episode 15 and we're grateful that you're still listening, particularly since this time it's been a bit longer than usual due to travel traumas and double doses of the dreaded virus. Recovery is taking longer than we thought. Thanks for sticking with us loves.

We're also SO grateful for those of you who are helping to keep us showing up by making donations via 'Buy Me a Coffee' (link below). This month a mahoosive THANK YOU to our long suffering fab early supporter Fiona. Fiona, your generosity and support as SO appreciated.

So, since we last took up your time, we've both travelled a bit (separately btw) for the first time in literally years. The whole experience wasn't without its challenges but we survived. In this episode we're sharing our travel, or more paritucuarly 'pre' travel, anxieties with you and we'd love to hear whether your feelings around travel have changed since midlife and menopause showed up.

Other things you can join in with and have a laugh at this Episode are….

• Losing things within literally seconds of having them in your hands and having no recollection what you did with them.
• Short fuses and lack of patience and tolerance.
• Pelvic Floor Exercises being good for bowel issues too.
• Keeping it Real : Why do advertisers still insist on glamorising the unglamorous?!
• Official List of Meno Symptoms has gone up from 34 to 37!
• Embracing our FLAWESOMENESS

And of course....our FOG MOMENTS!

Please join in the conversation and share your experiences with us. That’s what builds community and how we help other women like us. You can share privately by email or join our private Facebook Group. Links below.

Huge love & gratitude,
Michele and Lou x


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